Futuristic footwear,
is the latest creation of Fadel
which it contains to its own
patented technology
GET® by Fadel.


Freshoes is a project which intends to incorporate concepts of technological innovation, contemporary look and eco-friendly sustainability in only one product. Available in 3 models with a casual urban flavor for a modern woman, a tireless globetrotter requiring practical footwear, agile, flexible and durable without sacrificing style. Suitable for city look and adventures on off roads routes, flexible in use and in style. Agile in all day long usage and in every needs from subway to dirt path. Versatile because realized in technical materials, completely animal friendly because synthetic (eco leather, textiles, rubber bands) while maintaining an attractive appearance. Contemporary models, neutral colors but never boring because matched with vivid details (colored rubber bands and nets). Durable thanks to Graphene, the innovative material of the outsole that combines the mechanical resistance of diamond with the flexibility of plastic. A product responsive to the needs of a modern customer, attentive to environmental issues, looking for an accessory that can go along withher every day in her urban adventures, sure of a sustainable choice that satisfies herfashionista side.


Thermal comfort

Thanks to GET® by Fadel technology, Freshoes gives great relief to the feet that wear it.


In fact, its remarkable ability to drive and at the same time to disperse energy allows to absorb the heat generated by the foot by significantly reducing its perceived temperature.


This allows less foot swelling and consequently a softer and cool walk.


Fadel, while designing this new footwear, demanded from its collaborators that freshoes was “environment friendly”. The attention for nature led therefore to eliminate the use of animal skins, getting even better results in the tests carried out.

The thermal comfort created for the foot is higher than with any leather usually employed in manufacturing, also generating an excellent resistance of the sandal even with the possible use of water adhesives.

GET® by Fadel  technology

18 months of continuous testing and experiments. Obstacles to overcome. The presence of normal hiccups in the development of technology.

In the end, however, the final result justifies the efforts made. GET® by Fadel is a technology elaborated with the help of IIT researchers which is going to revolutionize the concept of footwear. No more uncomfortable shoes and sweaty feet. No more high temperatures and unpleasant smells. Fadel technology prevents all this, for that reason is covered by two patents.

The first includes a special polyurethane membrane supplemented with graphene that covers the sole on which the foot lies directly.


The latter, on the other hand, concerns a special ventilation system, also composed of passage ducts, which culminate in holes on the sides of the midsole, which allow to stimulate that fundamental heat dispersion to achieve a lowering of the temperature sensed by the foot.

Antibacterial property

The use in Freshoes of a polyurethane membrane supplemented with graphene allows a smaller proliferation of bacteria inside the shoe, essentially dues to the reduction of the foot temperature with a drastic decrease in its sweating and to the presence of graphene, latest generation material extracted from graphite, which does not facilitate the development of germs on its surface.

Soft and antistatic

Another peculiar characteristic of Freshoes is its softness obtained without losing wear resistance. In fact, its particular sole with small hexagonal heels, designed to recall the shape of the graphene molecule, is made in TPU, the latest generation material, which makes the footwear more flexible and antistatic thanks to the addition of graphite. At the same time the presence of graphene in the midsole gives greater strength to the whole product, creating a mix designed to make Freshoes a soft and durable footwear.


Fadel with the help of a professional podiatrist studied the portions of the sole on which the foot exerts more force under the burden of body weight.


Therefore, in order to avoid and prevent painful tendinitis and inflammations, latex bearings have been positioned in two specific points, which dampen the foot force, making the walk pleasant and relaxing.

After heating to 50 degrees with the lamp*

After wearing for 5 minutes with bare foot*

*based on technology developed by IIT graphene labs ( and material produced by BeDimensional (

Summary of characteristics

Characteristics Freshoes Leather Sandal Synthetic Sandal
Heat Comfort
GET Technology
Registered design

Team behind the Project

“A great crew is not composed of great people, but of men all rowing towards a single objective “. [Cicero]

The attained result is the answer to a continuous teamwork in which Fadel has benefited from the knowledge of many professionals in the field. Each of them has given its own contribution to the implementation and development of this innovative product. Fadel expresses thus his dutiful thanks to all of them:

Andrea Della Maggiora
Ideatore  del progetto “Freshoes” e direttore reparto interno “Ricerca & Sviluppo”.

Michele Giuntoli
CEO Fadel
Ideatore del progetto “freshoes” e responsabile sviluppo della Tecnologia GET by Fadel.

Avv. Giovanni Mandoli
Consulente legale per la contrattualistica e gestione della proprietà industriale di Fadel.


Prof. Vittorio Pellegrini
Direttore dei Graphene Lab – Fondazione IIT.

Dott. Andrea Gamucci
Ricercatore della Fondazione e Amministratore delegato della start-up BeDimensional.


Tiziano Tommasin
Stilista di Moda e calzature e amministatore della T.Studio srl.

Mauro Da Ronch
Amministratore della D.R.M. Consulting e consulente di moda e ricerche di mercato.

Dott. Marco Giorgetti
Dottore Podologo laureato all’Università degli studi di Pisa.

Cinzia Alessandro
CEO Texpol srl
Consulente per la scelta e l’applicazione del tessuto sintetico adottato.


Raffaele De Stefano
Modellista e membro del reparto interno “Ricerca & Sviluppo”.


Tiziana Maria Davini
Amministratore della Tango’s sas e membro del reparto “Ricerca & Sviluppo”.

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