Technology on your feet:
new Freshoes’s shoes.

Comfort and freshness

He who wears a Fadel shoe with insole made of polyurethane and graphene perceives an immediate feeling of comfort and freshness, thanks to the excellent smoothness of the surface and to the temperature regulating properties unmatched.


Extensive scientific tests have shown that graphene is biocompatible and non-toxic, it also inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface in contact with the foot.


Graphene gives the insole in Fadel footwear the ability to regulate its temperature by adjusting the heat dissipation process in accordance with changes in the surrounding temperature.

Termic comfort

The polyurethane and graphene insole dissipate heat much more efficiently than regular insole. The heat is lost 25% more efficaciously than in regular footwear, permitting to the wearer of a Fadel shoe to sense an immediate feeling of freshness even in high temperature conditions.

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